Our Service Offerings

At Caliken, we will help you configure the best power solution for your specific application. With access to such a wide range of power products and services for both AC and DC applications, we offer customized turn-key solutions that simplify project execution and procurement with a single point of contact.

Think of us as an extension of your IT and facilities departments ready to help you solve any type of power problem, from pole to plug, or complete a new power project.  Whether it is your switchgear, data center, cooling, a remote closet, a DC site, or a battery replacement, we are ready to help.

“We tailor preventative cost-efficient scheduled maintenance programs that meet International standards, and statutory requirements.”

Our team of friendly competent technicians are experienced to deal with a broad range of Fiber deployment solution. Caliken online management system enables us to track our service levels at every stage of the job order life cycle. Our technicians receive work. With over 6 years’ experience in fiber, Caliken Network (EA) has managed to offer reliable and cost-effective full spectrum in fiber network.

This service include.

  • Fiber Rollout and Deployment
  • FTTx Deployment
  • Fiber Maintenance
  • Fiber Engineering and Transmission

Caliken Networks (EA) is having been deploying wireless network in EA for the last 7 years with an array of products that include but not limited to P2P. P2MP, MNO access Radios, VSAT, and Wi-Fi. Caliken keeps abreast of any emerging technology on wireless products.  We provide enjoy a well-trained team, who can provide the services on time and efficiently.

Caliken Networks (EA) is known for its qualified technicians, superior customer service, reliability and competency to execute on a large scale, and overall ability to be flexible and work around the consumers’ schedules. Contact us today with all of your project needs!