We are positioned to source solutions and install devices that will enable our customers acquire real time data in their business that can be used in improvement of the services or products they deliver.

Our recent venture targets the following markets:

Smart Buildings & Homes

  • Increasing utility efficiency
  • Enhanced building security and safety
  • Parking bay management and optimization
  • Waste management
  • Predictive building maintenance

Smart Farming

Providing solutions to farmers bringing all their technology, systems, and devices together into one interconnected system that increases production and unlocks the full value of their operations.  Some of the solutions include:

  • pH and Temperature management in fishponds
  • Temperature and humidity measurement in greenhouses
  • Pressure control and management of water systems in irrigation.
  • Animal tracking
  • Predictive building maintenance

Smart Utilities

Providing solutions to municipal councils and other institutions involved in the distribution of utilities like water and electricity.

  • Smart water meters for remote reading and management
  • Smart electrical meters