Every second is valuable in fire protection. Traditional spot detectors often require significant time to detect a fire, as the smoke or heat must first reach the ceiling before sounding an alarm and triggering sprinklers. Caliken’s advanced fire detection systems, ranging from high-tech air sampling systems to camera smoke detectors and video analytics, can detect a fire in very early stages, even if obstructed, and trigger suppression systems in the blink of an eye.

Caliken offers a complete selection of fire suppression solutions, from chemical agents and water mist to inert gases and CO2.


Addressable Control Panels

We offer true peer-to-peer technology, meaning each networked module and sensor can communicate directly with the control panel and with each other in fractions of a second. These addressable systems generate detailed information of the hazard’s location, so action can be taken immediately—and in the future—to prevent another fire.

Video Analytics

Caliken’s approved technology detects visible flames, reflected flames, pluming smoke clouds, ambient smoke and even oil mist. Video detection is ideal for high-ceiling and open air environments, and engine rooms, diesel engines and gas turbines, where spot detectors and air sampling systems are inaccessible.

Additional Safety Features

Precise VisionEmergency Power Shutdown and Integrated Voice Messaging System provide additional customized solutions to assist in the reacting and understanding of a fire hazard.