Mission, Vision & Core Values

Caliken equally keeps abreast with new trends to remain competitive in the industry and has a sister entity IoT Caliken Limited whose sole venture is to pursue the new frontier of technology in artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT).
At Caliken we strive to offer our clients a one-stop shop for infrastructure solutions to bring out their biggest ideas and possibilities into reality.

Mission Statement

Provide businesses, organizations and governments with innovative, transformative and globally accepted solutions in their power and telecommunication infrastructure.

Vision Statement

Sustainable Power and Telecommunications Infrastructure.


Caliken promotes a positive safety culture where the entire organization equally shares the responsibility of putting safety first. The safety system is driven by the workplace and is constantly improved through open communication between management and the staff members that demonstrate safety is a priority over the work.


Honesty, accountability and efficient use of our resources in the most knowledgeable way when dealing with our clients and customers.

We work closely with community members, government officials and our customers to design and build solutions that meet their unique needs.

Solutions are built with the future in mind, paving the way for new innovations in the way we live, work and stay safe.

To deliver long-term value for our customers, communities and investors.