Caliken has the capacity to provide a service of a consultant or a team to deliver Security Risks Assessments (SRA). We assess the security situation for a client, using a three-stage process:

  • Threat Assessment: we monitor regional and in-country historical existing and emerging threats and activity. This enables us to understand threat profiles in specific locations and along potential routes.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: we assess locations, routes and environments to understand their vulnerabilities.
  • Risk Assessment: we map threats to vulnerabilities in order to see where risks lie, which enables us to undertake journey management planning using the prevailing circumstances in-country.

We go on to develop a Security Risk Register (SRR) that summarises relevant threat scenarios, critical assets and processes, as well as associated risks scores and protection objectives for security mitigation. Based on our findings we will produce a recommendations report. Once we have carried out an SRA, we will objectively analyze your organisation’s plans with a view to recommend improvements and writing/rewriting the plans.

We also provide consultants to assist with short term tasks and we have worked with a wide range of clients on diverse projects which include:

  • Market entry planning
  • Bespoke threat and risk reporting
  • Business continuity/resilience assessment and preparation
  • Security system audits and gap reviews
  • Security planning and implementation
  • Evacuation planning
  • Crisis Management planning